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With Help Comes Hope: How Ina Took Control of Her Health

Disclaimer: While Ina is a real CHPW member and her story is being shared with her permission, her name has been changed to protect her privacy.

Ina’s number one priority is raising her three grandchildren. She has a limited income and a small space to call her own, but she always finds a way. A Washington resident for almost twenty years, Ina is one of many who inspire the work we do at Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW).

When Ina first contacted our CHPW team, she was working to take control of her health for her grandchildren’s sake.

A Struggle to Access Care Affordably

Ina was experiencing many obstacles at the same time: high blood pressure, trouble breathing when she sleeps, and diabetes. She had Medicare coverage, but the monthly cost (premiums), and medical bills (co-pays) were more than she could afford.

And suddenly, there were more things to pay for, too. The devices Ina relied on to manage her blood pressure (blood pressure monitor) and blood sugar levels (glucometer) had stopped working. She also returned her CPAP machine to save money, leaving her chronic sleep apnea untreated.

But Ina was still determined to manage her health within her budget. She remembered she could get a free weight scale with her CHPW Medicare plan. So, she started there.

CHPW Answers Ina’s Call

While Ina does speak English fluently, she often has to work hard to be understood due to her accent. She was relieved when she called CHPW and found a kind voice, ready to listen, who made the effort to understand.

Ina reached out to CHPW Customer Service. Ina shared her situation, and the representative knew more resources could be available.

Ina had the courage to accept assistance from CHPW. She also knew help for her meant help for her grandkids too.

She agreed to get a call back from a CHPW Registered Nurse (RN) Case Manager, who could help her get the care and resources she was looking for.

Three days later Ina received the first call of many, from Tonee’, the RN Case Manager.  Ina shared her main concerns right away. Her blood pressure had been high the past few weeks. She also knew she needed to watch her blood sugar. But she didn’t have a working blood pressure monitor or glucometer.

Tonee’ got an appointment for Ina to see a doctor that same day to check on her and discuss her care needs.

Next, Tonee’ helped Ina find out she could get both Medicaid and Medicare coverage. Because of her income and situation, she qualified for a CHPW Dual Plan.

She met the eligibility requirements for no deductibles, no cost-sharing, no copayments, and no premiums. And she got more benefits.

Ina’s medical devices she needed , scale, and sanitary products were now completely covered.

After she told (Case Manager name) she was interested in learning more about a healthy diet, CHPW connected her with a health coach to support her with that too.

A New Start for Ina and Her Grandchildren

Ina also learned she could get support from community programs. CHPW’s RN Case Manager helped Ina navigate community resources and connected her to the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).

This meant Ina could now get more money for food for her family and additional support taking care of her grandkids.

CHPW by Your Side

In just three weeks, with help from the team at CHPW, Ina found a way again. Now that she has access to the care she needs and support from her community, Ina knows she doesn’t have to do it all by herself anymore.

Are you a CHPW member that needs assistance? Our customer service team is happy to help. Contact them at at 1-800-942-0247 (TTY: 711), 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., 7 days a week.

Not a CHPW member? Learn more about how a Medicare Advantage Plan from CHPW can help you meet your health goals.


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