Member Resources

Your member resource center gives quick access to information about your coverage. Here you can learn everything you need to know about covered services on your plan and find a health provider near you. Download plan documents, check prescription drug coverage, and learn more about your benefits as a CHPW Medicare Advantage member.

Provider Directory

Use the Provider Directories to locate primary care doctors, hospitals and specialists near you.
Find out if your current doctor is part of our network or get information about switching care providers.

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Prescription Drug Coverage

Learn more about prescription drug coverage that we include with select Medicare Advantage plans.
Find out if you really need prescription coverage and browse our list of covered drugs, our preferred pharmacies and more.

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Plan Documents

Find important plan documents that help you stay on top of managing your health care and how to get the most out of your plan.

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Low-Income Subsidy

The Low Income Subsidy Program gives you extra help to pay for your Medicare prescription drug plan costs.

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Tribal Health Care

Respect for cultural identity is at the core of our approach to care. We draw on state and local social services to help tribal members stay healthy.

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Get to Know HealthPoint

One of our community health center partners, HealthPoint has many locations across King County. Their approach to health care is to bring together all the services someone needs to be healthy, in one place. We support their model of whole person care and together, our goal is healthier people and a healthier community.



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