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Case Management

What is Case Management?

Case Management means getting extra support in taking care of your health. It is a program for members with complex or chronic medical conditions that are hard to manage. We offer this program free of charge. A case manager will be dedicated to helping you get the care you need.

A case manager’s role is to identify alternative care options and educate members about the resources available to them. They will work with your doctors and health care providers to help you get the most out of your health care. They figure out what kind of care is best for you and support you through treatment. Case managers make sure you understand your health plan benefits and help you adjust your care plan as needed.

Who is Case Management for?

Case management is most beneficial to members who have chronic, complex or more than one medical condition such as diabetes, depression, COPD and other illnesses.

Getting a Referral for Case Management

You must be referred to case management services. Here are some ways you can be referred:

  • Members may refer themselves
  • Caregivers can also refer a member
  • Clinic referral coordinator
  • Primary care practitioner or clinic staff
  • Specialist practitioner
  • Hospital
  • Discharge planner referral
  • Customer Service, Population Health and/or Transition Management departments
  • Medical (Utilization) Management program referral
  • High-risk reports at the plan level

To refer yourself to case management, please fill out the Case Management Referral Form.

Learn More

If you are not sure if case management is right for you, contact our Case Management department to learn more: 1-866-418-7004 (TTY Relay: 711) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, or by email to [email protected].


Stay on Top of Your Prescriptions

Woman grabbing a prescriptionDid you know that certain prescription medicines are available as a 90-day supply? Medicine that you take on a long-term basis to manage your health is called a “maintenance drug.” A 90-day supply makes it easier to keep taking the medicine you need to feel your best. You may also be eligible to receive your long-term medications through free home delivery.



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