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Health Services

We provide a variety of health services to take care of the whole you. We offer free programs to members with complex health conditions to help develop a care plan that works for them. We connect members with community resources to address other everyday factors that affect their health.

The Health Services Team consists of clinical and nonclinical staff in each of the following areas, all with the goal of ensuring a good care plan for you.

Health Management

Having a plan to manage your conditions will keep you healthy. The Health Services Team includes care managers who will help you develop a care plan with your specific health needs and goals in mind. These programs support the relationship between you and your providers and tracks how well the care plan is working by using clinical and evidence based guidelines.

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Case Management

Case management is for members with complex or chronic medical conditions, often those who are receiving care for more than one medical condition.  A case manager will be dedicated to helping you maintain and improve your health. This program is offered free of charge. Find out if you qualify and learn how to get a referral.

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Health Coaching

Our Health Coaching program teaches members how to make healthy choices in their everyday life and manage their chronic conditions.  The program looks for patients with a diagnosis of diabetes, congestive heart failure, asthma, and/or chronic pulmonary disease (COPD) and engages them to see if they need extra help.

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Community Programs

Health is more than just being able to see a doctor. It’s about having access to anything you need to live your everyday life. Our goal is to make sure our member’s basic needs are met. We support them by finding services and other programs in their communities. If you need help looking for employment, transportation, food or finding long term accommodation, our team can support you.

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Health Assessment

A Health Assessment is a brief survey that looks at your current health and lifestyle and identifies specific health needs and areas for improvement.  Our Health Management staff uses the results to create your care plan and match you with health and wellness services.

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Healthy Living

Being healthy is a lifestyle, not just an outcome. Learn what steps you can take every day to maintain your health. Our team of health coaches provides tips and tricks to help you get the most of your care at home. Learn more about seasonal health topics and other ways to stay healthy. Click to the following link to learn about Healthy Living in Washington state.

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Stay on Top of Your Prescriptions

Woman grabbing a prescriptionDid you know that certain prescription medicines are available as a 90-day supply? Medicine that you take on a long-term basis to manage your health is called a “maintenance drug.” A 90-day supply makes it easier to keep taking the medicine you need to feel your best. You may also be eligible to receive your long-term medications through free home delivery.



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