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Health Risk Assessment

What is a Health Risk Assessment?

A health risk assessment (HRA) is a short survey that asks about your health and lifestyle. We use it to look at your health status, risks, and habits to develop an individualized care plan to maintain and improve your health. It identifies key areas of improvements and suggests ways to manage your conditions. Your HRA information is kept confidential. Your care team will use the results of the HRA to create your care plan and discuss options to keep you healthy.

Special Needs Plan 014 (HMO SNP)

If you are enrolled in the MA Special Needs Plan 014 (HMO SNP) or were referred to case management, you will receive a letter with the Health Risk Assessment when you enroll. This helps us identify areas to optimize your health care needs and support.  You will complete an HRA every year. We will continue to monitor your progress and take your  health needs into account. Your case manager will monitor how well your current care plan is working and together, you will work on creating a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.


Get to Know HealthPoint

One of our community health center partners, HealthPoint has many locations across King County. Their approach to health care is to bring together all the services someone needs to be healthy, in one place. We support their model of whole person care and together, our goal is healthier people and a healthier community.



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