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What is prior authorization? (PA)

Prior authorization is advanced approval of specific procedures, services, medical devices, supplies, and medications by a patient’s health plan.  Prior authorization review is the process to determine medical necessity of said services accordingly to clinical care guidelines and utilization management criteria.

Prior Authorization is required for all scheduled  (planned) inpatient admissions, and certain predetermined services, medical pharmaceuticals, surgical, diagnostic, therapy and imaging procedures.


A Nap a Day Could Keep The Doctor Away

An older man taking a nap on the couch.Many Americans do not get enough sleep and this can contribute to a number of health issues. Taking a nap during the day can help your body restore itself and promotes brain and heart health. A 20-minute nap has a variety of health benefits – from improved mood, to better focus and memory function. In some cultures, napping is even prescribed as a health treatment by doctors!

If you have trouble sleeping, take steps to improve your quality of sleep.


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