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Choosing Your Medicare Advantage Plan

You need a health plan that fits your life. We can help you find it.

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Our licensed Medicare experts are here for you—by phone, online, or in person. They can answer questions, discuss your needs and options, and (when you’re ready) help you enroll.
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Tips and tools to for choosing your plan

  1. Consider your needs

    Ask yourself a few questions, such as:

    • What’s my general level of health?
    • What are my health needs (e.g., hearing aids, surgery)?
    • What prescription drugs do I need?
    • How much do I spend on health care?
    • Do I want to stay with my current provider or facility?
    • Do I expect my situation or needs to change in the near future?
    • How can health care help me live my best life?
  2. Find available plans

    Our simple tool makes it easy to see which plans are available in your county.

  3. Pick the best plan for you

    See our options side-by-side to find your best fit.

    For an overview of premiums, deductibles, and coverage for common services, you can also check out our Benefit Highlights, available in: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Somali, and Vietnamese.

  4. Enroll

    Enroll online, by phone, or by email.
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Dental Coverage

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is an important part of your whole health care plan. Dental coverage is included on all plans for yearly cleanings, x-rays, and fluoride treatments. Select plans have additional coverage for other basic and major dental services.



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