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Choosing the Best Plan

Before you choose a plan, consider your level of health and what kind of coverage you need. While many plans have similar coverage and benefits, you can review the specifics of each plan and see how coverage compares for common services. You can compare the cost of monthly premiums, copay amounts, and coinsurance for all our current plan options. Click the button below to see all our available plans.


Think about your health care needs and the coverage you currently have. Ask yourself a few questions to understand your health status:

  • What is your general level of health?
  • Do you expect to need surgery in the near future?
  • What prescription drugs do you take on a regular basis?
  • What do you spend on health care today?
  • Do you expect your expenses to be the same?
  • How do the plan benefits compare to your needs?
  • How much did your previous plan cover?
  • Will your provider be in the plan’s care network?

Benefit Highlights

The benefit highlights show what services are covered by each plan and compare coverage for all plan types. Benefit highlights are available in multiple languages below. You may need to install Adobe Reader to open the following files.

➔ Click to download our 2021 Benefit Highlights (English)

Benefit Highlights document are also available in other languages. Click to find your language below.

2021 Benefit Highlights - more languages


Dental Coverage

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is an important part of your whole health care plan. Dental coverage is included on all plans for yearly cleanings, x-rays, and fluoride treatments. Select plans have additional coverage for other basic and major dental services.



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